Innova IFA 14 Smooth Cotton High White 100% Cotton 315gsm

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Fourdrinier, acid-free, museum quality paper with a high white finish and silky smooth surface.

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Product Description

This 100% cotton archival quality paper is the preferred choice of photographers looking for the softness an exquisite art paper can bring to a print. This smooth, texture-free, matte finish lets your image speak for itself without imparting unwanted character to your final prints. It’s high white shade and precision coating assures saturated colours and crisp details. This paper is also available in 215gsm (IFA 04), 450gsm (IFA 18), and two side coated 225gsm (IFA 05) variants.

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A4 25 st, A4 50 st, A3 25 st, A3 50 st, A3+ 25 st, A3+ 50 st, A2 25 st, A2 50 st, bredd 17" (43,18 cm) längd 15 m, bredd 24" (60,96 cm) längd 15 m, bredd 36" (91,44 cm) längd 15 m, bredd 44" (111,76 cm) längd 15 m, bredd 60" (152,40 cm) längd 15 m